Launching a Mindset

Launching a Mindset

Positive insights into everyday life.

Here at brainmelody, our goal is to find positive insights into everyday life. Everything ranging from movie reviews, best health practices, financial health, positive phrases and logos, poetry, and anything else viewed through the lens of positivity.

Why Positivity?

Positivity is buried within our everyday lives. When was the last time you watched the nightly news and came away refreshed? How was the last trip to the supermarket? What about the evening commute? Did you wave to the person that cut you off in traffic with a smile on your face?

Our time on earth is short. Would you rather walk through life identifying as the grumpy person, the person that has a hot temper, or the person that you have no idea why they have a constant smile on their face?

A Buddah proverb regarding general outlook on life roughly translates as follows:

When holding hot coal with the intent of throwing it at your enemy, the only person that is burned is you.

What if instead we focus on trying to hold flowers? Have you ever walked through an office holding a vase of flowers? Everyone looks at you. The goal of this site is to bring viewpoints to change Buddah’s saying to something as follows:

Hold a flower to give to your enemy, and you will be happy.

How do we get there?

Positivity must be constant. You must be seeking it out. You must recharge every day. If you don’t recharge yourself on a regular basis, the depleting nature of external forces can pull you to the dark side of how you view the world.

Without working out, you can’t get stronger.

This is our start, and hopefully you check back with us to find elements of insight that can help you on your journey to positivity.

For some further reading, check out positive psychology on the NIH Website