Track 1 - Evolution

Finding the time and inspiration to record is sometimes difficult to say the least.  Even after finding the time to record, the brain power required to make a reasonable song with an engaging quality is often lost.

I would like to share a technique I have started that keeps a song rolling along, and allows time to fully bake a track.  I am specifically talking about instrumental pieces, and not necessarily the standard pop type song; however, this technique could work for that is well.

In a Nutshell

Essentially the technique is not really all that mind blowing, but it's one that I have overlooked to date.  Essentially don't feel you have to complete a song during the 1st session.  It sounds obvious and probably everyone that writes music is doing this already; however, I have had a tendency to write a riff, consider that I don't have a complete idea, and then shelve it.  The riff is gone forever, and the next day I am back at square one.

Putting it to the test

Recently I recorded a mini album of acoustic type songs.  I for some reason had an anomoly where I had time every night to devote to the project.  That amount of time was still limited per session however.  I might have twenty minutes to contribute to a song.  This is almost no time at all when it comes to songwriting.  I might record ten seconds of an idea, for either the part before or after the part I had just recorded.  It worked great, as I was able to publish out using Distrokid, and have a body of completed work.

DAW cut and paste

One major feature I also utilized in this re-visit a song approach was to constantly use the DAW (digital audio workstation) to move parts of the song around.  Even repeating riffs, copy and paste 'em.  Yes, that's not much of a purist approach; however, if it gets the job done with a completed project, I consider it a win.

Putting the technique back to the test

I have started again with the recording processs in the hopes of producing another short EP / album.  This first recording wasn't really re-visited that often; and it almost hit the digital trash can floor; however, I after coming back to a one-chord riff several times, I added enough texture to come to what I feel is a completed work.

Here is the bandcamp link below.  Give it a listen and let me know what you think.



This article was updated on August 20, 2018