Publishing with Publii

If you have found yourself with a unique need for an offline publishing platform, I recommend giving Publii a try. (  This blog is being written using Publii, and so far is offering a great solution when using a storage solution such as Amazon S3.

With Publii you still need to have some technical knowledge; however, it's a step up from using something such as Markdown directly.

The Good Parts

Here are some of the best features I have discovered so far using Publii:

  • Creating new posts are a piece of cake!
  • The blog editor is great.  It's reasonably basic; however, for blogging purposes, it's more than adequate.
  • Tagging posts and creating tags is very easy as well.
  • I personally like static html for a straightforward website.

The Rough Parts

Some of the things that could be improved are:

  • A better selection of themes.
  • A more straightforward way to simply export the files.
  • Some base images for some of the themes.  When I added images to the simple theme, the styling didn't seem to go the way it looked in the demo.  The simple theme had two different sections to add an image, the "hero section" and the website logo section.  Adding an image in the hero section worked out great, using the logo section was just confusing.

So far the good parts have outweighted the bad, and I hope to get some good mileage out of this free tool.  I will add future posts as I use Publii more.

This article was updated on August 15, 2018